What is the meaning of freedom in the digital era?

I asked myself a lot of questions these last months.

Frankly speaking “freedom” it’s just another name for slavery and obey to the diktat of govs and majors.

I talked a lot about how maSS media lie to us all and it’s clear for every mentally sane person that we are surrounded and bombarded with fake news.

Once there was freedom on the internet.

When the majors realize that, they immediately tried to correct it: many of you remember what it meant to search something on the net 20 years ago: we could find whatever we were looking, easily.

Today it became very difficult to find news, I mean REAL news, cause the most famous search engines index on the top whatever they want (or they are told to do).

So we have to dig a lot, between lot of fakes, debunking sites, people paid by the govs to spread misinformation or brainwash people.
You all know that Israeli gov paid students for pro-israeli social media propaganda. And you can find tons of examples like this one.

You also very well know the hate propaganda against the so called “white” people in USA and in Europe, with maSS media denying all the hate crimes against “white” people, committed by others ethnicities, exactly like the Nazis denied the Holocaust.


It’s so racist to call caucasian people “white”: they have dozens of shadows from pale to tan, hair from blonde and red to black, blue, green, hazel, etc eyes.
So why hate so much caucasian people? Why classify them as “white”? Why we read all days “latin proud”, “black proud”, “asian proud” but not “caucasian proud” because it’s racist? Who decide it’s racist? The same filo-israeli maSS media that support the holocaust made by Israel against palestinian people?

In the book called The Jewish Slave, the author orthodox rabbi Lody van de Kamp says that the dutch jews were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean regionwere the shipping business was mainly a jewish enterprise: “Money was earned by Jewish communities in South America, partly through slavery, and went to Holland, where Jewish bankers handled it.”

The usual maSS media propaganda to charge of anti-Semitism anyone who speak against Israeli regime cannot and must not dissuade Africans from researching into any area of history; especially when that history has traditionally been suppressed.
Curiously hate crimes datas are manipulated to spread more hate between different ethnicities: lately most of the hate crimes committed by “non-white” people against “white” people are under-reported and under-recorded. They are treated as common crimes. Of course it’s not so simply to hide these kind of news: as they spread a new wave of hate hit indiscriminately the other side and this goes on and on.

Who benefits? Frankly speaking I don’t wanna believe that politicians or bankers or other powerful people do this to keep the citizens engaged in fighting each others while they continue to rob us all.

Of course, I never believed either that the US President and his staff could lie to american citizens, but they did it, many times. Or you already forgot Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS, Healthcare and the list is very long.
I remember when Dan Calabrese reported that Hillary Clinton was fired from Watergate investigation
by Jerry Zeifman, the general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee who supervised Clinton’s work on the Watergate investigation in 1974.
Lot of maSS media reported that there was no evidence, that was impossible, etc..
Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, called Clinton a “liar” and “an unethical, dishonest lawyer.”
I guess that all of you have read something about it, the reasons, what happened, etc.
Anyone who had doubts about the veracity of the news, including me, had far fewer doubts after the Benghazi scandal.

Anyway, I always told you to not trust any maSS media: use your own brain, do researches, don’t trust the news just because you heard them on TV. When media insist too much on something I always suspect there’s something wrong. Well, lately in Europe the TV news are more close to tabloids than to real newspaper.

So, are we free in the digital era? Or today is more easy to manipulate us, let us know and think the way that fit the own agenda of the majors?

Are all the “black” people hate “white” people? Of course not, it’s something so stupid that only someone with serious mental illness can believe it.
So why continue to spread hate crimes news, rich in gory details, with revolting pics? Just for the sake to show you the truth? Or to play with your feelings and have you unconsciously reacting with hate, just to have you distracted from real problems, like what govs are doing to us, why banks are robbing us without risking police investigations and so on.

the people united will never be defeated anon art of revolution

I truly believe that the day that people will awake, they will understand that different races has no meaning and, maybe, they will be united against the very few criminals that rule our countries.

When we, the people, will be united and united we will stand.

Do you see how much ignorance is there today? Have you seen how much has precipitated the level of educational attainment in the schools? They want us to be ignorants, they want us to be stupid, they want to turn off our brains. They need obedient slaves that welcome with a smile any of their crimes against us all.

Our emails are constantly checked; it’s not a secret anymore.
Our clouds are not safe (Do you remember the icloud leaks of last year?)

Our smartphones are constantly spied, as any western gov admitted, “for safety reason”. So it’s not anymore a “conspiracy theory”. It’s a fact.

Search engines are easily manipulated, so the tv news.

What freedom remains for us all?

Very little.

They want to limit the cash as much as possible, and eventually remove it at all.


Everyone of us know that gov agencies spy us and with Patriot Act they can arrest anyone of us without a reason and keep us detained indefinitely, for “national security reasons”.
Do you have any doubt we live under a regime?

We thought internet meant freedom.

It’s not. Do you wanna feel more safe? Stop using Microsoft Windows and start using Linux.
Surf on the web with Tor Browser.

Use social media remembering what they truly are: showcases that anyone can see.
The less you will use your smartphone to surf on the web, the more you will be free.

Of course, it’s not that all the people stay quiet waiting the end.

All the hackers’ attacks against gov sites and big companies in the last weeks are just another symptom that someone will fight back the tyranny: the 3% that every tyrant fears.

Tor Browser was created to give people real freedom, to be untraceable when we surf on the net. Of course this is unacceptable for who rules us all, so all the maSS media are against it: it’s the devil’s tool, it’s used by terrorists, pedophiles, criminal cartels, don’t use it, it’s dangerous!!!

No it’s not dangerous, except for who want to rule us. It has not ridiculous security leaks like Internet Explorer, it’s perfectly legal and you can use it to surf anonymously, very convenient in these days where people is persecuted for their opinions.


Hollywood propaganda is making a lot of movies and series where show you hackers not aligned with govs and deep web as the devil, just for the sake to warn you that they can win.
No, they can’t. The deep web are those sites hidden from normal navigation that you can have access only through Tor Browser. There are bad things, like drug sellers and other things like forums were you can freely talk.
When normal people will discover the power of the deep web, true freedom will be reached: no social media controlled by corporations, no brain wash, just the freedom to talk without one-way-only censorship.
It means responsibility, it means act as citizen, patriot.

In these days I truly understood the meaning of “history repeats itself”.

Back in the time under nazi regime, if your newspaper was not aligned with the regime propaganda the soldiers came in your office, destroyed it, beat and arrested you.


Today we live in the internet era: it’s more convenient to hack your server and block people to read what you write. That happened to us in the last months repeatedly, after we clearly choose to expose the crimes of politics, bankers, organizations, corporations, majors.
Just a coincidence? No, a crime it’s not a coincidence. It’s the will to strike down your opponents and gag the freedom of speech.

No tons of links like I always do. You’re all grown up people, check the news with the google search it’s not so difficult and it’s a good exercise for your minds.

Just two links to let you ponder.

Against racism, sexism, slavery



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