From the American Indie Horror Movie “The Wretched”: Interview with the Actress “Tynan Elizabeth Winstead”


“Tynan Elizabeth Winstead” is one of the actress of the American Indie Horror Movie: “The Wretched”, directed by Nathaniel Davis. Tynan was born as a model and this is his your first movie.

Hello Tynan, welcome on Mondospettacolo, how are you?

Hello Alex, thank you for having me. I’m not bad.

Talk me about your play in the movie!

I play Mandy Misery. She’s a very interesting character. It was a unique role that I really enjoyed. There’s so many female characters out there that are all the damsel in distress that need to be saved. Like Kandi (Elle Rivers character), so it’s nice to not only see this anti-hero but bring her to life for others to experience. She’s complex but at the same time she’s very quiet and more action based than the other two. There’s a definite monster in her that I fell in love with. But at the same time there’s a naive tone to everything she does. Yes I do model that’s actually how I was found. Nathaniel saw my portfolio on Model Mayhem. Then we got to talking and now we’re here. It was definitely different from modeling. I mean I’m use to being in front of a camera so there wasn’t any weirdness there for me but it was way more demanding of me emotionally and physically. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. Yes it is, there’s some pretty brutal scenes involving Mandy, she gets pretty beat up through out the movie but she keeps going and doesn’t seem too phased by it.


It’s was your first movie ?

Yes, it was. I was really nervous going in, simply because I didn’t know what to expect. Now I’m glad I did this. It was not only an amazing experience that taught me a lot about the industry, it also gave me some amazing people that I absolutely adore.


Do you think to continue to be an actress? And what role would you like to play?

Ooh yea this is something I’m interested in! I would love to stick to the horror genera and continue to be the anti-hero. My dream role is to be a serial killer. If I am offered a role in a different genera I would take it, because it would be a whole new ride! Because every role is different in many ways and I want to learn them all!


Tynan what you expect from the future?

Well I’m hoping that with your help and the help of others people will get excited then go see it fall in love with it and that this will become a cult classic that parents pass on to their children. I’m really hoping it gains a following and I get to meet people from all over the world and learn their take on the story. For me, that’s a harder question to answer. This opportunity has opened up a new avenue for me though. I am so thankful to Nathaniel and Mia for this. But this won’t be the last you see of me!


Tynan it was a great pleasure interview you, I congratulate with you and I wish you a  future of great success!

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure!

Alex Cunsolo