International models from Czech Republic: interview with Petra Chelíková

Dear readers, today for the International models column I will interview Petra Chelíková.

Hi, thank you for giving me this interview. How are you?

Hi. It’s my pleasure. I’m very well. Thank you 😊

Describe our audience tell me a bit about you.

I am a married woman and mainly a mother to two beautiful daughters. I am a friendly, sociable and honest person. I hate hypocrisy and falsity. My hobbies are fashion and new trends.

How long have I been as a model?

I am in modelling almost all my life. 4 years ago, I felt that I needed to make a big change. I cut my hair short, tattooed myself, started to intensively work out on my body and become a very active model. I’m a kind of “rebel” type, which I really enjoy.

How was your first time in front of the camera lens?

It was a long time ago. More than 20 years now. I had a long blonde hair. I was 18 years old and the photos were just black and white. / HaHaHa /

What are the reasons why you decided to sit?

It is primarily a great passion of mine. It is very fulfilling. I also love to meet new people and get to know their different life stages. And, as people around me would say and they are right, I like to show off! / HaHaHa /

You have participated in several shootings: what of these memories with more pleasure?

I really can tell. It’s always fun to shoot with a nice creative person who I call “is my blood type.” Maybe shooting with a smoke bomb was quite exiting.

The world of photography is how you imagined it before you got involved?

The world of photography is very much about the cooperation of the model with the photographer and the whole team. It is not just to stand in front of the camera and to be photographed. The model must perform various face expressions and poses, although they are often unnatural, but they look great in the photos afterwards. Sometimes conditions and locations are not entirely ideal. So, the world of photography is completely different than I originally thought it would be.

What can you get excited about?

A beautiful flower, a nice person, a red cloud, a healed child, even new shoes. / HaHaHa /

Do you define more doll or panther?

I define myself as a panther. I’m wild and full of action. But inside, I’m a fragile and sensitive doll.

What do you like most in a men?

I love men for their attention, sensitivity, sense of humour and intelligence. I also notice a man who looks after himself. If he works out, has tattoos and has all the qualities I have mentioned, it’s perfect.

What do you expect from the future?

I want to be a good wife and great mother to my children. I would like to grow old in good health and enjoy my life to the full.

A dream in the drawer you want to make?

My dream is to open a bar in my town with loud music, cocktail drinks and lots of guests.

What are your passions?

I’m a passionate dreamer. I often dream about what ifs … My great passion are also flowers. Flowers, I plant in the garden, but also those that can be bought in the florist shop. Flowers are beautiful, fragile, fragrant and don’t hurt…

Your honor and your fault

I have a strong will. I always go after my goals and nothing and no one would stop me. I’m also obsessed with cleanliness and I’m a perfectionist.

What is secret to you?

You don’t say that! That’s a secret 😊

Your biggest fear?

I am a mother, above all, I am afraid for the health of my children. But if I should worry about something else, then it’s the spider I found in my room today. / HaHaHa /

Is there something you would change?

I would not change anything in my life. I had a great childhood, I have wonderful marriage and beautiful and healthy children. We have a lot of pets I’ve always wanted. We’re healthy and that’s the most.

What is happiness for you?

I’ll repeat myself here a bit. Happiness for me is to have health, lots of great friends around, family and children. Happiness is that we live here and now. Happiness is many things that make our life more pleasant.

How would you describe your love life?

My life is full of love I am giving and receiving. I have a lot of lovely friends, but also few enemies that are bothered by my photos. But I say, if people talk about me, I live. And that’s my credo.

According to you what are the qualities a model should have?

It is often said that models are just clothes hangers. In some way, it is true, but I would delete the word “just”. I have a bunch of model friends and they are clever, communicative and very creative. A model must be proud of herself and not get manipulated with. And the fact that she is beautiful is just a cherry on the cake.

Last movie seen?

The last movie I saw was called “Happy death day”.

Last book read?

The last book I read was a Czech book called Edudant and Francimor. It was in the fifth grade of primary school and it was my homework. / HaHaHa / I admit that I do not read books. I’m more focused on the Internet where you can find everything today.

Your Favorite dish?

I like light meals like various salads and pasta, but I also love well-prepared meat. So maybe Pepper steak with grilled vegetables and lettuce. I love that!

Friendship, Love, Family, Work Health, Sex and Money put in order of importance!!!

Health, family, love, friendship, money, work, sex. But I must say that there are times, when I would have arranged it differently.

A motto or phrase that most represents you?

Angel with a devil inside its body, or nothing on the outside is how it seems.

Send a greeting to our readers!!!

Dear readers, always be yourself, the real you. Lots of love and best wishes to you all.  Have a wonderful day.

Frederick Livi