International Models: Interview with Fae Williams

Mondospettacolo’s friends, today for the International Models section I’m proposing you the interview with the gorgeous Fae Williams, a model from Arizona.
Fae, welcome back to Mondospettacolo, how are you?
I am very well , excited and in love with life!
You recently book some fantastic pictures with Thomas Bernard Nelson III (The Fat Photo Guy) Noel Merid @trapjo so tell me, why did you wanted to do this shoot and what do you think about the results?
We wanted to do the shoot to represent love and luxury !! The results blew my mind!
You’re getting prettier, how did you change from our first interview a few years ago? And what are the goals that you’ve reached?
I became more confident and knowledgeable about the industry ! I have been in fashion week and modeled in New York , Miami , and Los Angeles!
You said that you’re an Ozea Mod model, tell me more about it.
Yes ozea is the agency I am signed with out of Phoenix Arizona . They have helped me transition into the model I am now.
This year is near to an end, how was it for you? What are the photografic experiences that satisfied you the most?
Working with Wella hair professionals and doing the live photo shoot was my favorite this year!
What are you looking forward to in the upcoming year?
To becoming a house hold name and experience new opportunities world wide !! I’m looking forward to meeting more creatives in the industry that will help me get to the next level .
Lastly dear, describe yourself, describe your artistic biography with the things that you’ve done, if you’ve been on a magazine, if you acted in a movie and if you’ve been on tv.
I had a cover and spread in proshoot magazine and recently did a comedy skit with comedian Royce Bell and Tony Kure that went viral ! I am the most versatile model out there the only thing holding me back is being discovered by the top people in the industry ! My life has grown and changed since I’ve last interviewed and it’s only the beginning.
Alex Cunsolo
Credits : 
Thomas Bernard Nelson III (@thefatphotoguy)
Something Unique Productions 
Lamark Cole (@lambo808) – stylist 
Raymond Peeples ( @two_faced_pretty_face) – make up artist
Noel Merrid ( @ethiopiangold ) – model 
Faith Williams (@bookftm ) – model 
Joel ( @trapjol ) – videographer/ assistant photographer