Un film per piacere deve avere tantissimi ingredienti, uno di questi è sicuramente la colonna sonora, ed è proprio di uno dei brani della colonna sonora del film Italo/Francese ” PHANTASMAGORIA”  che vi voglio parlare, in compagnia del leader della band proveniente dalla bellissima Parigi, la band si chiama GYRLS e il suo Leader è Mike Theis.

Hello Mike, I am honored to have you here with us on this section of Mondospettacolo dedicated to Italian Fantafestival in Rome, how are you ?

Hi Alex, not too bad, summer is coming in Paris, time to visit Friends and take some good Time

Among the works projected in this 34th Fantafestival there is also the FantaHorror “PHANTASMAGORIA,” how did your group’s participation in the film?

I met Mickaël Abbatte, One of the 3 Directors, on a Famous Social Network, we have begun to discuss about Music and about The Project. After few Messages, we decided to work together.

The song that opens the film is titled: Disruptism (principle of geometry remix) because you have called this song so?

They used both Versions for the Film, original and the Remix by my Fellows Principles of Geometry. The Song Name “Disruptism” come from my State of Mind at this Time, I did it during a Night Train Trip coming back from my Little Paradise (Guethary, a little village in Pays Basque) and I was totally disrupted for many Reasons. One is about the Death of a Great Artist, Mehdi Favéris-Essadi. I was born in the Suburb of Paris and for my Brother & I, Mehdi was a Heroe (The 1st Bridge in France between Hip-Hop and Electronic Music). I didn’t know about Mehdi personally, but during this Awful Year, I thought everyday to this Fantastic Artist. So, the EP is a Sort of Tribute to him. I’ve tried to write it with my Heart.

When and how born the Gyrls?

This Project was born few Years ago, I wanted to dedicate a Project to all Strong Women who do not respond to the clichés. One of my Punchline is “Gyrls make Boys Shy”  ans It was so funny to call my Project GYRLS while I’m a Man and I’m Alone on Stage. The Gap was interresting and, of course, perfect to illustrate my Music.

Your music also draws some themes and styles 80s? We are inspired by some group of those years?

Yeah, of course, we can speak about The Cure (one of my Fav Band, ever), Bauhaus, early Hip-hop Band like EPMD, Public Enemy or Das EFX..All Ghetto Electronic Music like Booty, Ghetto House, all Releases from Dancemania and Trax Records without forget Classics Rock LP like Debut Doors LP or the Famous Brian Eno Pop Trilogy (Another Green World, Taking Tiger Mountain &  Before and After Science). So, GYRLS in a big Mess. 🙂

Who are the members of the Band?

Me, Myself & I (+  Florence Lucas, a Fantastic Drawing Artist with whom I collaborated for the Sleeve)

Future projects?

Continue to develop GYRLS with New Materials (I work on a new EP) and do some new Gigs. Actually, I’m working with my friends on the PARIS Debut LP (will be release before the end of the Year on ekleroshock Records), Preparing Gigs with my Lovely Friend Alice Lewis, developing my Little Label Yuk-Fü Records (Sydney Valette, Blackmail, Mari Posa) and Producing some Young Artists.

Send a greeting to all your audience (smile)

Hi Folks! Hope to see you in France or in Europe to celebrate Music and GYRLS ahaa

Mike thanks for being with us. I’ll give you my congratulations for your great music and say hello to the whole band!

Thanks for All Alex, so Cool to speak together and congratulations for Mondospettacolo ! Hope to come in Italia soon for playing Music and watching some Football Games 🙂 Faith & Forces!

E naturalmente non potevo terminare l’intervista senza farvi prima ascoltare questo fantastico pezzo clikkate qui per ascoltarlo

Alex Cunsolo