Fran Brunetta is an Argentine pop singer, well known for his successful career in Argentina, the United States, Europe and Latin-America.

He has won many awards, to name a few: “Fundación Julio Boca” and international competitions on Musicals and Opera Rock. He performed in several famous theatres, such as The Colón Theater, The Maipo, The Gran Rex, The Ópera, The Cervantes and The Avenida.

He participated in benefits both in Argentina and in the United States. He was elected for the 911 Commemoration Concert at The National Opera Centre of America. He repeatedly performed at different health centres, such as CenterLight Health Care as well as at many well-known places across the United States.

During the twelve years of his career, Fran travelled to many countries, amongst them, the United States, Chile, Uruguay, and a great part of Europe, not only promoting his music but acquiring different cultures as well.

He is presently recording his third album to be presented in Buenos Aires this year after which he will begin to promote himself across the globe.

Fran Brunetta, whose mother and father are both from Argentina, shows the importance of his roots, his life experiences and his passion for music in each and every one of his songs.

Additionally, he focuses on his goals and achieves them according to his own methods and beliefs. A versatile singer, author and composer, he performs with devotion and professionalism on different stages.

With a very particular voice, he has slowly been able to consolidate, re-invent and achieve a spot in the musical industry as well as with his audience during every concert and on every tour, making the stage rumble with his sound, his emotions and his utter devotion.

He has recorded 3 albums with songs full of passion and has written the lyrics for his audience, as in his songs:

– Aquí estoy

– Verte Dormir

– Chica Normal

– Estereotipo

His achievements have reached other countries and go beyond the scope of music. In 2010, he founded a vocal conservatory with over 150 students and performed in many theatrical works in his country.

Article by Viola Manuela Ceccarini