The ghost of World War III is here.

The official excuse: Israeli diplomats forced the complete closure of embassies around the world as they escalated a dispute over pay, officials said.

High profile visits to foreign countries were canceled.

Very convenient for a country that is brawling “war” and “preemptive nuclear strike” (a.k.a.: coward declaration of war and genocide), “war” and.. “war”.

Russian analysts fear that it means an imminent nuclear strike against Iran, Syria and all the countries that are not vile servants of the United Zionists of America.

Very funny, no one ever talked of nuclear strikes against isis in Iraq, Libya or Saudi Arabia, the financier of the worst islamic terrorist groups.

Anyway, after the clumsiness of Cameron and the revelation of conversations between CIA and UK gov about a preemptive nuclear strike against civilian and military targets in Russia, it’s perfectly understandable the concernment of Russia.

As a matter of fact, it’s USA that started almost all the wars in the last 40 years. With really creative excuses: the imaginary weapons of mass destruction of Saddam (that costed the lives of about a million of children in a decade of war); training and financing al-qaeda terrorists to fight Assad in Syria and so on.

Anyway, the title is “Russia beyond Hollywood”, because it’s really important that people, common people like you and me, understand that Russia is NOT the third world country depicted in hollywood propaganda and western mass media. Quite the opposite.

There are a lot of people on the net that are trying to bring out infos, every day. Simply because in West countries the censorship is absolute. As a matter of fact no western maSS media reported the red alert that President Putin gave to russian army to be prepared for nuclear war, or that he ordered to open every nuclear silo as defense against an attack, or the real strength of russian navy deployed in Mediterranean Sea.

So, what is the real russian arsenal and military tecnology? Are they really cavemen?
The truth is embaressing.

You all know that USA lost the space supremacy: following the dictatorial sanctions against Russia, the Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin evicted NASA astronauts from the International Space Station, that can be reached only with the Russian Soyuz. Morover than this, he has suspended the supply of the RD-180 engines, used for the Atlas 5 built by United Launch Alliance (Lockheed Martin and Boeing) that has the monopoly over the launch of US military satellites.

Add that Russia is close to reach the complete technological autarky and you will start to realize that maybe Russia is not exactly a third world country.

While USA govs during the last decade cut the military research funds (it’s more easy to plunder the citizens with the so called “finance”), Russia has increased tenfold investments in Defence and military tecnology.
Some examples? The Shkval, supercavitating torpedoes, capable of speeds under water in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h) and each of them able to sink an aircraft carrier.

Nebo radars and ABM killer missile improved greatly the anti missile defenses and with Bastion systems and other new systems it’s very difficult today to attack Russia with impunity.

The satellite research and tecnology reached its peak with Kosmos, the new secret project of satellite weapons of next generations.

In Kaliningrad is full operational the Voronezh-DM station, an advanced anti missile station with an effective detection range over 6,000 kilometers, defended with an advanced missile system. It’s the russian reply to the insane deployment of US missiles across the Europe, explained with the ridicolous excuse that it was built against the threat from rogue states.

But everyone of us is now asking: yeah but what about daily military vehicles, like tanks, jets, drones?

Well, Russia has just deployed his new super tank, the Armata, armed with new powerful weapons and technology and, guess what? Ready to be converted into a fully robotic battle vehicle. And it’s not the usual hollywood ridicolous propaganda. The first 20 units are already deployed and issued to troops for hands-on training. You will probabily see them taking part in the Victory Day Parade on Red Square, May 9 this year. Or lately during Russia Arms Expo 2015 (September 9-12, Nizhniy Tagil).

About the fighter jets, the new Sukhoi is the new basis for comparison in the world of fighter jets.
I guess that someone of you saw many videos on youtube where you can see the jet in action. When a video means more than thousand words.

Drones? They are built by Russia too and deployed to defend naval bases.

Now it’s time to talk about the serious stuff: the nuclear arsenal. First of all Russia built the new Borey-class submarines, designated carriers of the Bulava, the newest generation of Russian submarine-launched strategic nuclear missiles. See the link to watch these beasts in action.

The main point however is that Russia’s deployed nuclear capacity overtaked US for first time since 2000. The New START disarmament treaty was simply a joke. USA never had the intention to disarm themselves; they violated the prescribed limit of 1,550 deployed warheads. Russia did the same as consequence. Most important of all, they renew the tecnology of their nuclear arsenal, reaching the top with the unstoppable Bulava.

Now ask yourself a simply question: in the last fifteen years (at least) our economies callapsed. Thanks to Russia? No, thanks to our govs, slaves of the bankers that made us all more poor.
Now the same bankers want to start a new world war, a new genocide, just for the sake to satisfy their endless greed. And we will pay the price. Do you really know the meaning of war? Who is not afraid of a global conflict is simply too stupid. It’s our duty to stop this madness before we will start to die by millions just for the entertainment of a small minority of criminals.

There are tons of sources in the net, these are simply examples.

By the way, after IRS, BENGHAZI, VA, FAST AND FURIOUS gun running and Obama’s blackmailing Petraeus (just to mention few of them), if you are here to cry “conspiracy”, grow up and go elsewhere.

And take your meds, you really need it.