The Scam

The Scam

It’s always enthralling to read “financial news” around the web.

I found this article:

And I just thought: wow! What kind of scam is this? What this nonsense story has to do with CNN?

The “news” talk abot Assange, arrested because of his WikiBot new project, “which makes money for regular people”. They tell you a nice story, no source as always. And you can even find “facebook comments”. Here it becomes really weird. Just clicking on them you can discover that most of them are FAKE profile and you are redirected on your own FB page.

Moreover than this, you can’t post a comment.

Sounds like a scam isn’t it?

The link published allow you to reach a page that it’s a good fake, it has even links to the real pages of Tor Project , Bitcoin and WikiLeaks.

But with a simple search on google, you can discover that Wikibot really exists and it’s related to research of info, not trading on line.

Someone of you right now is saying: “Hey! It’s no big deal! It comes from CNN – Clinton Network News, and we all well remember the wikileaks on Clinton and all the crimes revealed.”

NOPE. Read carefully the link: “”???

Come on! Everyone knows that the REAL link of CNN is:

And the alleged author of this “news”, Seth Fiegerman, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know that someone is writing bullshit in his name. Do not believe informations, try always to verify them. It’s too easy to blame someone.

Don’t worry, it’s not the first time I read something like that. Sometimes it’s a fake news about Soros that is tired to be rich and wants to share with you his financial secrets.

Come on, no filthy rich want to share anything with common people: in order to be rich is necessary that there is a lot of poor people.

Anyway, you know I verify everything. Maybe someone of you still believe that this news is somehow real. NO, IT’S NOT.

I work with trading online since 1999 and I regullary follow the markets.
I decided to made this experiment for you all: I followed the link, I made my registration to WikiBot, that it’s only a bot, so you need a real platform to work with. It redirects you to 24option that is, btw, a REAL and PROFESSIONAL trading platform, with a great technical support and other stuff that who trades on markets could really appreciate.

I work with other platforms, so I open a small deposit with this one too.
After all the papers, finally I can operate.
So I just click the button “start auto-trade” (it’s a bot, it’s legal to use it) and I start laughing.

Of course no miracle, no wonderful gains, no nothing. IT’S A FAKE.

It made two casual operations and in 1 hour I lost about 10€ on a deposit of 250€.
To be honest they were covered from other platforms but that’s not the point.

What must worry us all is how famous names are used to scam people, how is possible to register web domains so close to the real ones, how powerful continues to be the name of Assange, related with the idea that he is somehow a paladin of common people.

And, by the way, if you invest and loss money, guess who’s the winner?