Vault 7: Wikileaks and the CIA affair

Dear readers, as you well know we always wrote in the name of freedom. The digital era brought us the possibility to speak freely, despite the maSS media were and are on the paybook of corporations, govs, agencies, rich people. This means the most of us are excluded and the only way to tell the truth and reach other freedom readers is right here, on the internet.

Once there were hackers. Free people with the purpouse of fight the sick power of the lobbies. That era lasted very little. With the usual methods we all know (intimidation, torture, illegal arrests) the lobbies used their armed arms (both private and gov agencies) in order to enslave brilliant and free people just for the sake to use them to mass control people.

Every voice against the lobbies was silenced. We all know how many attacks were done in the last years against indipendent websites, forum and blogs, easily stopped by putting down their servers. We were attacked several times and we also knew very well where the attacks came from.

But Vault 7, the brand new wikileaks scandal, show us the worst scenario: they can and they use any device connected on the net (smartphones, Tvs, laptops, etc) to target people, spy on them, blackmail them, force anyone to be alligned with the lobbies. They manipulated elections, blackmailed politicians, corrupted EU servers in order to have economic advantages and only God knows what else. Yesterday who spoke about this truth was called paranoid, an idiot, a conspiracy believer.

Today tons of documents show us that the truth is even worst of fiction or Sci-Fi.

What really pissed me off, and must have the same effect on you all, is the fact that a gov agency paid with taxes, the CIA, was used for private purposes and to serve lobby interests.

Moreover than this, and even worst, they LOST a cyber arsenal.

What does it mean? Are they serious? Or are they just preparing another false flag?
Do we realize that a cyber war is a war anyway?

Not just Tvs or smartphones, but every single bank account is on a server online; the financial markets (and it means stocks, currencies, bonds) are online; the military systems are online, electric systems are online, railways, automated assembly lines, etc. The list is incredibly long.

Today it’s public that everything connected on the ‘net can be violated AND that they lost the whole arsenal.

Ding dong, wake up citizens! I know that most of us believes in any crap the maSS media tell us, but this is of the utmost seriousness.

Take 10 minutes of your lives and read this link and some documents.

Do it, until it’s possible and we still have a ‘net.

Goodbye democracy.