The future of fashion is: Fabio Porliod the young designer from Val d’Aosta

“I specialize in making evening dresses… sophistication and elegance are the right components to fully bring out the feminine charm that every woman has …”

Fabio Porliod  young emerging designer from Val d’Aosta.

This year Fabio Porliod, young emerging designer from Val D’Aosta, brings one of its creations overseas, in occasion of New York fashion week.

The fabulous dress designed by Porliod was worn and tailored specifically for the beautiful entertainement journalist and TV producer Viola Manuela Ceccarini, better known in the US as ViVi.

The garish color of the dress, certainly, have not gone unnoticed, he has indeed received compliments from many movie stars and experts in the field.

(See photo Viola Manuela Ceccarini, interviews on the red carpet at Style Fashion Week in Madison Square Garden)

was born with the love for fashion flowing through his veins.

Irrepressible passion that he has inherited from his family members; grandparents, Arthur and Régine, in the 60s, used to manage a very well known Atelier of Fashion Tailoring in Paris.

Fascinated by the stories of his grandparents, Fabio is carried away from the teachings that Régine handed down to his daughter Graziella (mother of Fabio) quickly he started to learn how to work the patterns, the art of the cloth cutting, basting and packaging of clothes.

Shapes and colors in perfect synergy came to life pandering fashions and trends.

Fabio’s success is growing every day,not only in Europe but everywhere in the world. He is not exceptionally talented he has also some outstanding qualities when it comes to the organization of fashion events and shows. The catwalk for him has a charming appeal, he begins to take its first steps.

Fabio is incredibly passionate and ambitious about his job and his tenacity and determination are taking him very far, allowing him to move forward with his brand. In less than no time,he manages to exhibit his creations on international runways.

“I specialize in making evening dresses… sophistication and elegance are the right components to fully bring out the feminine charm that every woman has …” … try it …


The philosophy of the brand: “Fabio Porliod” from the eponymous Fashion Designer Fabio Porliod was born with the intention to bring out the unique sensitivity of the same, identifiable in this “3S”: simplicity, sinuous, sensual.

The tailoring brand, it is synonymous of exclusivity because the designer is dedicated to the dress since the first steps of its creation; from the vision to the preliminary draft to the composition process, the assembly until you reach the finish ,always signed Fabio Porliod.

Concept rising for the designer’s predilection for evening wear; his brand appeals to a young and dynamic woman, who lives fashion with femininity.

The designer wanted his dresses to be suitable for occasions and social events, always with a glance to innovation and sophistication.

Starting from a careful selection of fabrics and colors, Fabio Porliod makes his creations play on transparencies of lace, silk and chiffon that glide over the body as if they were part of this.

Constant, as desired, the presence of contrasting “Black / White” … together with the care of details, and trendy combinations, are for the most appropriate designer synonymous with refinement dedicated to the exaltation of a real woman, the one in the “W” capital.


There is a deep relationship between art and technology, they share something in common…in fact in ancient Greece, the word “techne” used to cover both concepts.

How technology could subvert the traditional artist’s approach to his work it is well defined in the collection of the designer Fabio Porliod, where the téchne, is based sinuous and bursting into the glowing interlocking of sequins, tulle and satin.

It is as if the female body was wrapped in the liquid metal:with a clever use of materials, ready to bring us back to an art & tech proud of its roots, the elegance clashes and meets with the splendor and charm of the post-industrial production.

The peculiarity of the tulle, in its various uses and the refined satin, accompany the suppleness of the female body, made even more sensual by vertiginous splits, custom-designed by the designer from Aosta.

Femininity taken to its supreme level, characterized by many level of transparency, Fabio Porliod sees the woman as an ideological bridge between past and future. Keep calm and breathe on the sense of future …

Fabio Porliod’s fashion designs can be found on its official website:

Photo credit:

Romuald Desandre

Viola Manuela Ceccarini