On January 20, 2015, Russia’s top spy agency the Russian Federal Security Service, (FSB) claim to have intercepted a telecommunication from America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to Ukraine’s Security Service, known as the SBU.  The CIA communication is a directive to Petro Poroshenko in preparation of a coordinated military attack on Russia this coming April, 2015.

The intercepted communicate also instructs Petro Poroshenko’s military to attack and kill eastern Ukraine citizens, mainly Jews, and to place the blame on Russian soldiers.  Further, the CIA stated that they will supply the Ukraine military Russian uniforms and weapons.  They are to dress the dead bodies of eastern Ukrainians in Russian uniforms as a guise to prove that Russian solders are operating in eastern Ukraine.
The CIA has instructed Petro Poroshenko and his generals to engage in an all out war with Pro-Russian Separatist Freedom Fighters.  As the war rages on the Ukraine military has been ordered not to take captives, but rather to commit mass murder on the civilian Jewish population.  As seen recently the mass murder of civilian Jews in eastern Ukraine is taking place throughout the area.  Witnesses reported seeing the Ukraine military dressing some of the dead bodies in Russian military uniforms.
Petro Poroshenko, as instructed in the intercepted CIA communicate, has placed the blame of the killings of eastern Ukrainian Jews on Russian solders, supposedly fighting alongside the Pro-Russian Separatist Freedom Fighters.
It has been and continues to be US President Barack Obama’s secret military operation to attack Russia and the Russian Federation within the first quarter of 2015.  Whitehouse sources close to the Thomas Cain Report has informed the TCR that President Obama and his top military advisers have recently held discussions on the best ways and means to a strategic military strike on Russia.  They unanimously agreed that the Ukrainian civil war is the key to the United States authorizing war with Russia.  They also agreed to increase the tensions in the Ukrainian conflict through deception and lies as to Russia’s military involvement in eastern Ukraine.
It is estimated that approximately fifty CIA operatives are stationed in Ukraine at all times.  Their goal is a continued effort to destabilize Ukraine financially and militarily.  It is the intent of the United States and the UK to seize complete control of Ukraine’s vast wealth in natural gas, gold, oil explorations, and a host of other Ukraine natural resources. The Obama administration desires to control Ukraine’s vast wealth of natural gas, thereby giving United States the absolute power to shut down Russia’s natural gas pipeline to Europe, thereby forcing the Russian economy to flat line. In other words, the United States would become the controlling party to force Europe and Asia into compliance as to their dependence on Ukrainian natural gas consumption.
Russia is fully prepared militarily to stop the United States or any third nation parties from gaining a foothold into Ukraine.  Vladimir Putin is all set to enter into a nuclear war with the West, if necessary.  It the CIA communicates is accurate, war may come early April or May of 2015.  As of this writing it appears that the United States is engaged in secret talks with its European allies and NATO in a preemptive strike on Mother Russia and her federation.
Unfortunately for all involved there are no winners or losers when it comes to a nuclear war.  Russia is fully prepared to strike her enemies with a barrage of nuclear bombs in case of a preemptive strike by the West or NATO.  Thomas Cain Report predicts war is coming; it is only a matter of time.
Thomas Cain