International Top Models: Interview with Cynthia Carati

Cynthia Carati is the beautiful Top Model protagonist of our editorial.

Cynthia Carati, welcome to Mondospettacolo, how are you?

I’m fine, thankyou for the invitation to this interview.

The first question is: when and why did you decide to become a model?

I start modeling as a hobby in 2011 in the Netherlands, I’m not sure how I end up in Miss reef Nederland (for the people don’t know, this is a contest for the best ass) to be part of that contest is necessary to have a good ass ;), very proud to tell that I was first finalist, from that point i start receiving a lot of job in the modeling industry, working with well known brands, magazines, TV commercials, music videoclips, etc.

The last year I moved to Italy, and from cero I found my way again in the modeling industry, I’m very happy and proud of what I have accomplished, and looking for to see what future will bring.

Among the many photo shoots you shot for Playboy Italia, what memories do you have of that magnificent experience?

The hole experience was amazing, I got to meet awesome and very professional people, I had done many photoshoots in my modeling career but this was the first naked photoshoot, and if wasn’t for the professionals behind the photoshoot like Andrea cencini and ciro montemi, I wouldn’t had done it.

Do you define yourself as more doll or more panther?

Both, in life there are moments you need to be a panther and a doll when is need it 😉

You pose naked with ease, what is your secret?

The secret is a combination of few factors, starting with feeling good about my self, and trusting the team who I’m working with, specifically with the photographer, is very important to have a good communication and understanding of what is the goal that want to be achieve for both parts.

You are a very charming girl with great sex appeal, but in your opinion: are you born or made sensual?

I think made.. with time and experience I learn to know myself and understand what fits me.

The artistic experience that you have not yet had but would like to do?

Acting, is something I haven’t experienced and maybe is something that I’d like to give a try, at this moment I had act in diferents tv commercials, but that is how far my acting skills has been test.

What do you want to convey to those who look at your photos?

I do photos for myself, it make me feel good and very proud, I love to see the final results, people can like or dislike is all about taste.

What would you like 2021 to give you?

A world without masks a d lockdowns, I can’t wait to start traveling the world without fears of epidemics.


Your strength and your flaw.

My strength and flaw is been perfectionist, depending of the situation been perfectionist can be my strongest tool to achieve something, but that same thing can be a flaw in other situations holding me hack to achieve what I want.

What is sacred to you?

Traveling is something that is sacred for me, and has been very hard this year with the lockdowns, for the first time I was no able to travel.

Your biggest fear?

Pain of any kind emotional and physical.

Is there anything about you that you would change?

At this moment I wouldn’t change anything, I’ve managed to get here following my instinct and experience.

Friendship, Love, Family, Work Health, Sex and Money put them in order of importance!

Health, love, sex, family, friendship, work and money.

Cynthia Carati, before closing: a motto or a phrase that best represents you?

“Knock the door doesn’t mean get it” whenever I feel unsecure about a decision I always think in this phrase.

Alex Napoleone Wilson

Photo By: Andrea Cencini